How Many Molecules Of Water H20 Are Present In 75.0 Grams Of H20?


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The formula of water is H2O so
the atomic mass of H2=2x1=2 and the atomic mass of O=1x16=16
from here we now know that the relative molecular mass of H2O=2+16=18
now::: Mole=the relative molecular mass
so the number of malls in 75g of water=75/18=4,16666 moles
>>> 75grams=4,16666mole
so::: According to avogadro's number 1 mole= 6.0225 × 1023 molecules
so the number of molecules in  4.16666 mole= 6.0225 × 1023 ×  4.16666=25.09370985 × 1023 molecules
it means that 75grams of water consist of 25.09370985 × 1023 molecules
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