What Is The Function Of TRNA Molecules During Translation?


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TRNA is mainly carries the amino acid to enter the ribosome, under the mRNA
instruction synthetic protein. Namely take mRNA as the template, will have the
password significance nucleotide order to translate in the protein the amino
acid order (to see the protein tRNA circulation biosynthesis, ribosome). TRNA
and mRNA have the relations through the counter-codon and the codon interaction.
In the peptide chain production process, first enters the ribosome and mRNA
outset codon union tRNA calls outset tRNA, other tRNA participation peptide
chain extends, is called extends tRNA, according to mRNA on the password
arrangement, carries the specific amino acid tRNA to enter the ribosome in turn.
After forming the peptide chain, tRNA namely releases from the ribosome. The
entire process is called the tRNA circulation (Figure 3). TRNA depending on
counter-codon and mRNA recognition, but one kind of counter-codon can only
distinguish one kind of codon by no means. For example counter-codon CIG (I this
time xanthine nucleotide) can distinguish three kind of codons. Generally in
counter-codon rare nucleotide because of pair not strict, but can distinguish
many kinds of codons, this kind of phenomenon is called “swinging” in the

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