What Are Kinds Of Primitive Measurement?


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The various kinds of primitive measurement include:

  • Distance was estimated by number of steps taken to reach a place. So legs became a unit of measurement.
  • To compare between two things, the distance from the elbow to the fingertip or the arm width were used. Hence arms too were a mode of measurement.
  • Apart from human body, solar and lunar cycles were used to calculate yearly calendars.

How Modern Measurement Evolved From Them

  • Measurement can be defined as a definite magnitude of physical quantity. It is accepted universally as a standard form of measurement. Any physical quantity can be measured. For example, when we say 1 kilometer, we refer to the measurement that has been accepted as a standard form of unit of measurement.
  • However, these systems came later. In the olden days, there was no kilometer, meter, foot, centimeter, etc. All natural sciences came about only due to observation. This applies to numerical measurements of quantities too. There were various methods used by our ancestors for measurement. The same are listed above.
  • These methods were not accurate as the human body differs from person to person. Hence the measurement changed depending on the size of the person. Not only this but also measurement changed from location to location too. Also lunar and solar cycles were difficult to calculate. These systems gave rise to confusion and chaos as there was no uniform way to measure anything. This gave rise to the need for standard units of measurement.
  • The metric system of measurement was standardized in the year 1790. After this, there were many ways devised for measurement. The current systems of measurement are universally accepted. The system of measurement evolved to this modern stage only due to the primitive measurement system. The imperfections in the primitive measurement system encouraged modern man to find out more accurate means of measurement which are accepted worldwide.
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