What Does Yellow Elastic Cartillage Do?


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Cartilage is a tough, elastic, fibrous connective tissue found in various parts of the body, such as the joints, outer ear, and larynx. Yellow elastic cartilage is found in large amounts in the embryo as it develops and in the young skeleton of all verterbrate animals, including humans.

It helps hold the skeleton together but allows the massive growth that occurs during this early period of development. As the body stops growing, this type of cartilage is mostly converted to bone.
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The basic function of the elastic cartilage also known as the yellow cartilage is to provide elastic shape and support. This kind of cartilage is located in the auditory canal, the ear and the epiglottis. It is specifically located in the pinna belonging to the ear. Several tubes located within the walls of the auditory canal and the Eustachian canal also contain the elastic cartilage. There are three major types of cartilages. They are hyaline, fibro cartilage and elastic cartilages. The function of the cartilage in these tubes is to allow them to remain open. Elastic cartilage is a lot like the hyaline cartilage. The basic difference is that there are "elastin" or elastic bubbles scattered within the elastic cartilage to provide added flexibility.

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