What Are The Different Types Of Cartilage In The Body?


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Cartilage is a type of connective tissue; it smoothes the surfaces of the bones at joints and it gives strength to structures such as the trachea. There are three different types of cartilage in the human body.

The first is the hyaline cartilage; this makes up the connective tissue that gives structure to the nose and trachea and the ear lobes. It also covers the ends of bones at joints to smooth the surfaces so that jarring does not occur during movement. The second type is white fibrous cartilage, which is found between the vertebrae of the spine. It acts as a shock absorbed to protect the bones of the vertebrae from damage when, for example, someone jumps up and down. Fibrous cartilage is a good shock absorber because it is compressible and it can withstand a lot of force ~ the same forces that would shatter more brittle bone.

The third type of cartilage is yellow elastic cartilage. This very elastic tissue is also found in the earlobes and it forms the pharynx and the epiglottis, two structures inside the back of the throat.
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There are 3 types hyaline, elastic and fibrous.  You will find detailed information about them at this website
or do a search for "types of cartilage"... You well get lots of information from this.
Or do a search for the Musculo-skeletal system and if you are looking for simple information look at sites provided for kids and schools...good luck
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As an adult your body contains seven areas of cartilage, this includes: Your ears, nose, mouth, lungs, joints, trachea, and larynx. :)
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Cartilage is almost like soft bones, you will find them in your ears, all that hard stuff is cartilage, and in below the bridge of the nose  did you know that sharks bones are made of cartilage

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