Describe The Change In Landscape As A River Erodes Its Valley Over Thousands Of Years?


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  • Naturally, as a river erodes its valley, the land surrounding the river will get steeper.
  • As the valley goes deeper and hits the rock underneath the soil in the Earth, the land around the river will become more arid because fewer plants can live on rock.
  • Trees and hardy plants may grow out of the sides of the rock where the river has eroded.
  • These rocks, over the years, will develop caverns and holes in which birds, lizards and other small animals may nest. Birds such as swallows are especially likely to do this.
  • Initially, when the river forms, it will make the land around it more fertile, especially in countries such as Egypt where the land is mostly arid desert. This is why all the farms and crops are around the banks of the river, because this is the only place where the crops will get sufficient water.
  • As the years pass, the landscape around the river will become more steeply inclined as the river erodes more earth. As the river matures, it will begin to snake and meander, eventually leading to an oxbow lake. This is where the river meanders around so much that it meets itself, creating a circular part that is cut off form the rest.

If you want to know more about rivers, perhaps you could ask your geography teacher if you are still at school. They will be more of an expert in this field and be able to give you a more detailed answer. Alternatively, there is lots on information on rivers available on the Internet.

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