What Are The Inventions Of James Watson?


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James Watson was involved in the discovery of DNA.

• James Watson - brief biography
James David Watson was born in April 1928 in Chicago. He proved himself to be incredibly clever and was admitted to Chicago University at the very young age of 15. His first degree was in zoology and he soon became interested in genetics.

At the age of 22, Watson got a doctorate and continued with his studies and wrote a book called 'Double Helix', which is a reference to the complex nature of deoxy ribo nucleic acid (DNA) found in cells.

Watson carried on his research in the Cavendish laboratory with two other scientists, Francis Crick and Marin Wilkins. The foundations for genetic discoveries such as gene cloning and genetic engineering were laid down by these three.

Because DNA is an intrinsic part of every single cell in the body, it has become a fantastic weapon in the armory against crime. Where once upon a time pretty much all criminals had to do to make sure that they were not caught was to wear gloves so that they would not leave fingerprints, nowadays if they leave so much as a cell behind, they can be caught.

This can be a hair, skin cells, blood, semen and other bodily fluids. The consequences of this are that crimes that have remained unsolved for years are now being solved because crime evidence samples have been kept.

DNA evidence is categorical proof that a person has been where their DNA is (unless of course it has been planted), and there are some organizations and people that believe that everybody should give a DNA sample (by mouth swab) so that everybody's is on file, and which will make solving crime even easier.

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