What Is Potassium At Room Temperature?


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Potassium at room temperature is solid. Room temperature is the temperature between the range of 22ºC to 25ºC or 68ºF to 77ºF.

Potassium with atomic weight 39.0938 and number 19 is a stable alkali metal which reacts rapidly in air and water. It shares several chemical characteristics with the element sodium. Its symbol is K; its melting point is low at 63.38ºC or 146.08ºC and boiling point of 759ºC or 1398ºF.

Potassium starts to react in air immediately due the oxygen present in it to form potassium superoxide (KO2). It is very reactive where water is concerned and forms Potassium hydroxide (KOH) when it comes in contact with it.

It is very essential to animal life, especially for necessary for sending nerve impulses, contraction of muscles, maintaining of fluids in animal cells and maintaining the body's balance of electrolyte.
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It is classified as alkali metal.

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