What Benefits Do We Get Studying Chemistry?


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Chemistry forms the basis of every part and facet of life. From astronomy and biology to zoology; chemistry is the underlying science beneath them all. Every simple little task, such as baking or listening to a battery driven personal stereo set; from driving a car to washing up, is based on various chemical reactions. Even breathing, digesting food etc are entwined with chemistry.

Studying chemistry not only enables the student to gain a better understanding of the many ways chemistry affects everyday life; chemistry degrees also provide an excellent qualification towards a whole host of careers within industry, commerce and, of course, science itself. If there is one type of study which almost guarantees employment of some kind or another, it is chemistry. Vacancies are constantly available in companies ranging from small local outfits to multi-national chemical companies and research centers.

Chemistry qualifies as a good, worthy discipline because it prepares students for the realities of life in general. Career possibilities range from polymer and dye chemistry to food chemistry, chemical oceanography, sales and information. In addition, there are also myriads of possibilities in research laboratories, such as those owned by petroleum companies, for instance. Branching out into bio-chemistry will further widen the field of opportunities by adding conservation, environmental and medical options.

The benefits of studying chemistry can thus be summed up into gaining a greater understanding of how everything in life functions; creating a knowledge base ready to prepare a student for a career in a variety of fields; a whole world of possible job opportunities and the assurance that chemistry students, or rather graduates, are continually highly sought after by companies around the world. In an uncertain world, what could be a greater benefit than almost having a job guaranteed at the end of one's study.

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