Why Do We Study The Filipino And Foreign Chemists And Their Contribution In The Field Of Chemistry?


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Filipino and foreign chemists are studied because they have contributed to the progression of science and therefore society as a whole. Contributions have included advancements in medicine, nuclear studies, body products, and many other topics.
It is easier to show why Filipino and foreign chemists are studied by looking at a couple of the most famous chemists in the world.

  • Alfred Noble
Alfred Noble is a name many recognize in the field of science and chemistry. He was notable as a Swedish chemist and engineer. He is mostly known for isolating dynamite, which became a highly popular entity the world over for its many uses including making mining easier.
  • Marie Curie
Marie Curie was a radiation physicist and medical doctor. She is known for her work in radiation and nuclear science.
  • Robert Bunsen
Robert Bunsen is known best for the Bunsen burner that is used in many chemistry classes today. He was a lab worker for most of his life.
  • Julian Banzon
Julian Banzon was a Filipino chemist known for the production of ethyl ester fuels obtained from sugarcane and coconut.
  • Ramon Barba
Ramon Barba used potassium nitrate spray in order to help crops flower.

From the list of five chemists above you can understand why it is important to study these people and other chemists. They were able to provide the world with new concepts that have been used around the world for crops, medicine, and other needs.

Medicine is the perfect way to describe why these chemists need to be studied when you consider the synthetic medicines being used to help treat cancer, aids, and a host of other medical diseases. Without the Bunsen burner to help break down chemicals and create something new, we would not be able to formulate some of the medicines we have.

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