Are There Any Negative Impacts That Science Has Had? What Are They And Why?


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Science has brought about many negative impacts, such as the creation of nuclear weapons. Without advances in scientific knowledge, these weapons would not exist. In fact, great scientific minds who were involved with the invention of weapons based on nuclear power, such as Albert Einstein, later renounced their belief in these weapons. Without science, nuclear warheads would not have fallen in Japan - and this country is still dealing with the side effects (genetic mutations, etc.) and trauma this event caused.

  • Other examples

Science creates medications that cure or heal...or addict and even kill. For example, narcotic painkillers such as Percocet are used to numb pain, but they are also abused heavily, and people who become addicted to prescription painkillers and synthetic opiates (such as Oxycontin) created in science labs may end up destroying their lives forever. Lab-created drugs can kill, and sometimes, they can kill by accident; for example, the elderly often have memory problems that lead to mistakes related to taking the wrong amounts of medication. The stronger lab-created drugs are, the more damage they can do.

  • Too many drugs and medications?

Today, there are ads on TV for antidepressants, male sexual enhancement drugs...there's even an ad for a prescription that can make your eyelashes grow in longer and thicker. To many people, the drugs created by modern scientists, including Ritalin for ADD, seem overprescribed and even unnecessary.

Like everything else in life, science can be good or bad - how is it viewed depends on a huge assortment of variables. The same skill and genius that helped a space shuttle to fly out of the Earth's atmosphere and into space has also been used to create questionable inventions, such as electric chairs and torture devices. Science can be brutal or gentle - who controls the inventions, advancements, and patents tends to play some role in whether or not science helps or hurts mankind.

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