How Do You Define Work In Physics?


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Ability to work
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Work is the energy transferred to an object when a force acting on the object moves it through a distance
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In ordinary conversation work means any kind of physical or mental activity. In mechanics, the term is usually associated with movement. An engine pulling a train is said to do work. A man pushing hard against a wall may get tired but he is not doing any work since he is not able to move the wall. Thus work is said to be done when a force produces motion and is measured by the product of the force and the distance moved in the direction of the force.

Work = Force x distance moved in the direction of force

W = F x d

Work is a scalar quantity and its SI unit is Joule (J).

A porter carrying a box on his head applies a force equal to the weight of the box in the vertically upward direction. The work done by the porter in carrying the box from the ground floor to the first floor of a building is given by the product of the force (weight of the box) and the vertical height of the first floor, even though he might have used a slanting or spiral staircase to walk up, thereby actually covering a larger distance than the height through which the box has been lifted. Thus it is the distance in the direction of the force which determines the work and not the distance actually covered.

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