How Would Life Be Affected If Friction Suddenly Vanishes?list 10 Such Situations


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In short if friction vanishes life would be impossible on the earth
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Almost everyone's life will be endangered. No friction means
  • No fire
  • You can't stop your car
  • Instead of walking you'll be sliding and falling
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The life will be too hard
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Life wouldnt be possible,because we cannot walk,eat,write or do anything in its absence
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The laws of physics, in the environment we live in, demands that there is friction.

It just can not be. Unless we live in a world where there is no movement and that's just plain silly

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In a frictionless world, all machines will become 100% ineffective.

There would be no sound because the waves have to be 'tranferred ' but with no friction they cannot transfer!

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if the friction will vanish then :

we can't stand on the surface.

we will unable to do anything.

our life will destroy.

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There would be no eruptions, no generators for power, basically earth would freeze over, think what keeps your body temperature up..

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