How Would Life Be Without Electricity?


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In today's society we are very dependent on electricity as the majority of items and appliances we use to live need electricity to function. However, it is still possible for humans to live without electricity. Of course it would be a major transition if it suddenly happened tomorrow, but it is possible to survive.

Modern society has depended on electricity for almost two centuries. Without it, almost every aspect and facet of our lives would be detrimentally affected. Hospitals could not function; TV, the internet and phone lines would all go down and planes and ships would not be able to navigate.

Perhaps the only aspect of modern life which would not be affected is car travel; most cars rely on an internal combustion engine only to drive the wheels. However, with the systems integrated in modern cars becoming ever more sophisticated, these too are beginning to depend on electrics to function. With the dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, hybrid cars will soon become the main type of vehicle on most roads, as this is almost an electric car, in the event all electricity suddenly went down, these too would be affected.

In today's society the phrase 'the world is smaller' or similar is commonplace, this is because electricity allows us to both contact and visit far-flung places from across the country, or even around the globe - all of this thanks to electricity. Before our communications, and indeed, much of our transportation integrated electricity to its systems, most people's radius of travel they were capable of was limited to perhaps just 10 or 20 miles from wherever they were born.

So, there we are - the ways we could manage without electricity are almost indefinitely arguable. The one thing that is without a doubt though, is our lives would be incredibly altered.
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If you are talking of house electric there would be No lights without
Oil lamps, No hot baths without boiling water, No heat without fires,
No air conditioning at all, ETC....

No heaters or electric heat, no forced air blowers for gas or oil
furnaces or other forms of heating homes, street lights, televisions,
electric clocks, neon signs, traffic lights, automated tollbooths.
There would be no telephone or electrical poles, nothing would be
digital. We wouldn't have much of our scientific equipment, no pumping
or drilling equipment, one would only have ice in the winter because
there would be no refrigeration, much of our office equipment (copiers,
shredders, fax machines, scanners, computers, telephones) would be
gone. Most of our medical equipment wouldn't exist. Man would only be
able to work during daylight hours. Many of the things we take for
granted today would never have been invented without electricity. Much
of our production would still be done by hand because the factories
that manufacture items wouldn't have assembly lines as they do today.
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Without electricity the whole world be dark in the night. Without it all the factories, companies, computers would not be working
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Life would be amazing without electricity we would truely be able to find inner peace, not worry about phones,clothes,bills,money, it is pure freedom to become 100 percent self sufficiant. Atleast thats my opinion
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Life will be preety harsh with out elecricity but we shoukd be very thankful for all the good thing we have like... Street lights,car lights, OR any light. We would have to use  candels. If you want to take a hot bath you can't because hot water comes from electricity.
There is no lamps nothing so I can't do home work, YES!
For jobs at work you can only work on day light hours. There will be no piping or drillin equipent.
If you want to print something you can't. I f you want to do something on your computer you can't
You guys should try a day with out electricity. I bet you can. You probley last minutes.LOL
life will be very  borring. So be very thankful. I shouldn't be even using this computer if there was no electricity.
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Think about it. Life would be sweeter, simpler and less demanding. We couldn't be so selfish!! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Don't you think it would be great to be able to take care of God's world the way he intended?

We would once again have to use candles for light and walk next door to talk to our neighbors. We would cook over an open flame all day and have dinner and conversations with our children and husbands every day. Maybe even multiple times a day!

We would see more stars, and maybe we would understand more. The possibilities are absolutely infinite, you just have to look for them.

Thanks for listening!
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Anonymous commented
Are you nut's are you in a fairy tale people were dieing in those times in fact you might not even be here if things were like that.We might get food poisoning .Who cares about the stars we can see them with a telescope I would not even be able to take a shower I would be shivering and worst of all no fun
Jia Wang
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It would be great, but people would get sick easily.
Anonymous commented
agreed with u. i think those three people who last comment on u doesnt have half of their brain..especially anonymous 2. if people can easily get food poisoning JUST because no electricity or technology. u wouldt be born dude.
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Without electricity nights would be darker. There will be many uncurable diseases coz most of the diseases are treated through surgeries which need electronic machines. There is a positive point also that there would be no nuclear weapons as they are made for a bad purpose.
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It would be horrible we wouldnt be able to watch t.v and do every day stuff that we do today and we wouldnt be able to blurtit cause we wouldnt have electricity to use pc's and tell everybody about this kind of stuff and think of it no facebook no music no warm well cooked food and freezing to a popsicile while you sleep I couldnt imagine it . It would be so horrible
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Life without electricity would be cold,dark,and would be pretty boring...if you couldn't make your own fun.
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It would be way cooler with all the people we have on the earth now it would be like a huge peace circle with hella stews and brews

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You would pretty much be doing everything on your own. All databases would have to be filed papers. There would be a lot more deforestation due to construction and building purposes. No machines could make anything you needed so you'd have to do it. All of your extra luxuries, such as cell and house phones, lights (bulbs, lamps, and signs), household appliances (fridge, microwave, etc.), would all be gone. Appreciate history and science, and all the people that are in it, make it,  and improve it. With the invention of electricity, we have become very lazy. We should all be thankful for it. I think it would be a very interesting experiment to try to live without electricity over a certain period of time. I wouldn't do it myself, but I would love to hear someone else's thoughts, comments, outcomes, and experiments!
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If you like to say so, I will told you something you will like,I was doing this.
Life without electricity:
- NO movie theaters, televisions, CD players, or computers.
- you need to work the homework form lamps

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