How Much Rain Fell Today In London On?


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Today, being the 14th of July 2011, there has been no rainfall in London (therefore there has been 0 millimeters of rain today). Generally, London experiences little rainfall throughout the year, particularly during the summer months. When showers do occur, they are usually light, with the occasional heavy rain shower falling maybe once or twice a month in the colder months of the year.

• London rainfall compared to other major worldwide cities

With an average of 584 millimeters of rain falling in London on an annual basis, London experiences relatively less rainfall than many other major cities in the world such as New York and Sydney. The city has around the same amount of rain as cities such as Jerusalem and San Francisco. The small amount of rainfall that does fall in London, along with the fact that weather disasters in the city are rare, makes the city ideal for homes and offices. Workers and residents do not have to worry about the weather for most of the year.

• London rain and general weather forecasts

Weather forecasts for London and its surrounding area can be found online, on the television and on the radio. Due to the number of visitors the city receives on a daily basis, it is not difficult to find a London weather forecast. For hourly predictions and a five day weather forecast visit the weather section of the BBC website. Alternatively, watch the national News channel; this channel will provide you will a weather forecast on an hourly basis, if not more frequently.

Of course, no weather forecast can guarantee accuracy, particularly if you are looking at a forecast for tomorrow or any time after that. Take precautions against the rain by carrying an umbrella and waterproof coat on cloudy days.

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