What Is The Purpose Of The Isolated Personnel Report Information (ISOPREP) Data?


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The purpose of the Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) is to provide details about one's appearance and characteristics if one should ever become "Missing in Action" or MIA. The ISOPREP is also designed to contain contact information about one's family, so that family members can be notified in the case of personnel becoming missing in action.

  • What is the ISOPREP?
ISOPREP stands for ISOlated Personnel REPort. It is a file or document containing information about a person's physical characteristics and attributes so that isolated personnel can be properly identified. The file also contains information about the specific field in which the isolated personnel are involved, and contact details of the family members of the isolated personnel. In addition, the file usually contains a front- and side-profile photograph of the person in question.

  • Who uses the ISOPREP?
The ISOPREP is used mainly by those in the armed forces or military. The ISOPREP must be filled out by the person in question only, and should not be filled out by another person on their behalf. In the case of a person becoming Missing in Action, their ISOPREP will be used by their supervisors, co-workers or other body awarded with the responsibility of locating them. As a result, the data in the form is classified as "confidential" until the situation should arise when the data must be disclosed. The data should only be disclosed when it is absolutely necessary.

Please note that filling in an ISOPREP does not necessarily mean that you are about to be deployed. All military personnel should have an ISOPREP.

  • How is the ISOPREP completed?
Previously, the ISOPREP was completed by hand by the person in question. However, today the ISOPREP can also be completed on a computer, using drop-down menus and multiple choice questions and answers in order to avoid confusion and mistakes. The ISOPREP is usually completed at an individual's base or headquarters, but in reality can be completed anywhere.

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