What Is The Purpose Of The Research Report?


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The purpose of a research report is to communicate to interested persons the methodology and the resurt of the study in such a manner as to enable them to understand the research process and tho deternine the validity of the conclusions'
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Research report is a kind of article which are about the discovery of  your research.
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Hello there,

First of all, there are different types of research reports:
Field, scientific, technical and business. Researchers collect information for
several purposes, such as to find a solution to a problem, to get more data
about a situation or to draw a
conclusion about a topic. I hope that my answer is helpful to you. J

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It is to inform.
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Reports could aim at different purposes and hence the form of the written report would vary according to the situation. If it is important to identify the purpose of the report so that it can be tailored accordingly. If the purpose is simply to offer details on some specific areas of the interest requested by a manager, the report can be very narrowly focused and provide the desired information to the manger in a brief format. On the other hand the report is intended to sell an idea to management then it has to be more detailed and convincing as to how the proposed idea is an improvement and should be adopted. Here the emphasis would be directed on presenting all the relevant information backed by the necessary data to persuade the reader to buy into the idea.

An example of the purpose of such a report and its contents can be seen. A different form of report will be prescribed in some cases where a manager asks for several alterative solutions or recommendations to rectify a problem in a given situation. Hence the researcher provides the requested information and the manager chooses from among the alternatives and makes the final decision.

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