Why Is It Important For Arteries To Be Buried Deep In The Body?


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The arteries are very important; if an artery is damaged or punctured, it causes arterial blood flow at high pressure. Therefore, when the artery is penetrated, a person can quickly "bleed out" and die. There is great logic in the natural placement of arteries - they are buried deep in the body, because this offers many layers of natural protection from injury or damage - such as layers of muscle, bone, tissue and fluid.

Health Tips For Healthier Arteries

• Keeping the arteries clear and very healthy is essential to long life and well-being. Certain foods will contribute to the health of your arteries - for example, natural yogurt is extremely beneficial. In general, fatty meats, such as bacon, marbled steaks, and processed meats, are going to make any artery problems worse. It's really important to choose the foods you eat carefully, if you are trying to prevent artery disease, or trying to improve current problems with your arteries. However, diet may not be enough. The arteries are vital, and they must be cared for properly, under the attention of a skilled and experienced medical doctor.

• Exercise promotes healthy blood pressure and energizes the body and mind. Achieving total body wellness through proper diet, exercise, and a calm, content state of mind can be a wonderful way to enhance your quality of life. As we all know, stress is dangerous; where the heart and arteries are concerned, stress can even be a killer. Whether you decide to do yoga or play tennis doesn't really matter; what is vital is that you do something active every day, or almost every day.

Medical textbooks and magazines will provide lots of information about the arteries and ways to keep them healthy. However, a doctor will always be the best resource, especially where you own health is concerned.

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