Why Is Food Important For The Body?


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It is extremely important that we eat food and without it the human body would shut down and we would die.
The body needs food because the food contains nutrients in it that our body uses to carry out its functions. They help us to grow, become stronger, give us energy, and build up a stronger immune system so we can fight of illnesses throughout the year and to repair old damaged cells.
  All of the digested food and nutrients flow into our bloodstream and are used to help replace old damaged red blood cells.

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Food is like fuel to keep the fire burning. Too much and you smother it, (too fat)  too little and you starve the fire, (anorexia)   so you need to find the right amount of fuel or food that suits your bodies needs.  Foodstuff contains substances such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. All these are used by the body to provide energy, repair and replace damaged cells, sustain the body and help the body fight infections.  If your diet is lacking in even one of these it can prove fatal. :)
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Food is essential for life. You need food to live. Food is like fuel to a car you need it to keep on with your life. You also need food to function theright way.
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Food is the fuel for your body just as gasoline is for your car , without gas in your car it stops and won't go, it is the same with your body and food, you may over do it (give it too much food, plus all the wrong kinds of food) - obese can cause dysfunction in the body just as Anorexia.... Not enough fuel or food for the body to be able to function properly.....the best to you
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Our bodies need food as the raw materials for growth, repair, and energy.
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It's all because of the nutrients in food that support our body. Of course, over time, people started taking it more seriously, making restaurants and food tours like the ones by the link, but I think it's a good thing, people are evolving, after all. So I think the food industry is way more widespread than it seems.

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Supplies us with nutrients, chemicals from food that your body uses to carry out its functions. Helps you feel and look your best as well and grow and become stronger. Greater energy levels. Stronger immune system. Repair old or broken skin cells.
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We need food to repair old or broken skin cells. It can also  help to boost our immune systems , so that they can fight illnesses through out the year.In different foods,there are many vitamins that help to keep our blood healthy!
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Food is important for the body because you are hungry.  And when you are hungry, yo quiero taco bell.

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Our body needs to eat as food is a key part to our survival; for energy, for digestion, it keeps our blood healthy. When you eat are energy is restored and you keep healthy.
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Our body needs food because for uor immune system or our old broken skin cells thats why our body needs food because if our body can't need food we can be died

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