What Is The Population Of Brazil?


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Population of Brazil is 196,342,592 according to Year 2008 estimate. According to Year 2007's Census, Brazil's population was 189,987,291. Brazil's population consists of many racial and ethnic groups. There are large number of immigrants from Europe and Asia. About 49.4% of Brazil's population was white and only 7.4% are Black. The diversity in Brazil's population can be seen when we see that Brazil has largest population of Italians and Japanese outside those countries and has second largest population of Germans outside Germany after USA.
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The census of the year 2001 has declared the population of Brazil to be 169,799,170 but according to a recent estimate made in the year 2005, the population of the country has been increased to approximately 187,560,000.

The ethnic composition of Brazil is quite diverse and generally it can be categorised in four segments: 1) The Indians or the natives of Brazil, 2) The Portuguese colonists, 3) The African slaves and 4) The diverse group of immigrants.

The Indians were believed to be settled here in 9000 B.C and the main groups among them are Tupi-Guarani, the Je, the Arawaks and the Caraibas.

The Portuguese first set foot in Brazil around the sixteenth century and they first settled in the North-eastern region of Brazil. And soon they spread their wings in other parts of the country.

The Africans first came here as slaves to fill the man power scarcity but when the slave traffic stopped; it was known that approximately 3-5 million slaves were in Brazil.

The other immigrants came from various parts of the world and it happened mostly in the late 19th and early 20 century.
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The population of Brazil is 198,739,269 as of 2009.
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The population of brazil is 192,890,789 according to 2009

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