Where Is Louisiana?


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The United States of America is home to the beautiful state of Louisiana. It's in the southern part of the USA and bordered by other southern states like Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. It's also bordered by the Gulf of Mexico.

The area of the state is 134,382 square kilometres and it is among the smaller states in the nation; its rank is only thirty-first. The population of the state as declared in the year 2000 was 4,468,976 and its capital is Baton Rouge.

In recent days, the state was in news for a reason that no state wants itself to be attributed with. The Hurricane Katrina created havoc in the south-eastern part of the state and its biggest city New Orleans was in deep flood. The hurricane struck the state on August 29, 2005 but its impact lasted till the month of October and the life was virtually halted during the period.

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