How Did Louisiana Get Its Name?


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Louisiana was named by explorer RenĂ©-Robert Cavelier,  "La Louisianne",  in the mid 1600's to honor King Louis XIV of France. President Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from Napoleon in 1803 (the original Louisiana territory is now divided between 13 states).
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To honor King Louis XIV when they landed in Lousiana.  They first landed and setteled at Lake Charles area, then travel along the coast till the get to New Orleans area.  LaSalle was the one who named the land, then the US bought it 1803, louisiana purchase.  Shrunk it down and called it Louisiana with the mouth of the Mississippi ver.
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Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV.
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It was named after Queen Anna and King Louis when the French established Louisiana as a settlement. I'm from Louisiana and I took the history class in high school.
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It was named after King Louis XIV.  I find Louisiana very interesting.....
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It got its name because on their flag it has a pelican so now they call their state the pelican state!

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