Where Is Moy Street, Glasgow?


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Its not in the north west of england. Its in Scotland.
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Moy Street is located in the city of Glasgow in the north-west of England. It is a tiny street perpendicular and jutting out of the south end of Church Street towards the east. Diagonally opposite and heading towards the west is Torness St. The river Clyde is much to the south where as the University of Glasgow is to the north-east.

The Museum of Transport, Kelvin Hall international Sports Arena, Scottish Football, and Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery are all to the south-east on the other side of the river bank.

The nearest railway station is Partick Railway Station which is less than a kilometer away. While Glasgow airport is the nearest Airport at eight and a half kilometers distance.

The current weather in Moy Street averages 9º C but the mercury is expected to drop as winter approaches. There are occasional spells where it drizzles and rains.

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