What Is The Difference Between Hydrocephalus And Hydrancephaly?


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I suppose, put simply Hydrocephalus is 'water on the brain' while Hydranencephaly is 'water IN rhe brain'
The latter is a rare disorder where one or both cephalic hemispheres are absent and replaced by sacs filled with cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF), while the former is more common and only the ventricles of the brain are filled with CSF
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Hydro is water compressing the brain, as noted on the brain.
Hydra is the existence of water, where brain matter is non existent.  Most patients do however have a brain stem allowing them to function normally.  The prognosis is that a slim percent will see their first birthday.  The majority of babies born with this disorder, expire.
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Actually neither of them relate to water on the brain- they actually refer to extra CSF, replacing cortical tissue

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