What Is The Difference Between The Weather And Climate?


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The difference between weather and climate is explained as follows. Weather is defined as the day-to-day state of the atmosphere in a particular place. It varies on a short-term basis, and the duration of time for weather changes in measured in units that range from a few minutes to a few weeks. Weather is loosely defined as the combination of temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, visibility and wind. Of these, temperature and humidity are the only two components of weather that can be quantified and measured in terms of a particular unit.

Temperature is expressed in terms of degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit and humidity (which can either be absolute humidity or relative humidity) is expressed in terms of a percentage. The others are variables and cannot be quantified using a specific unit of measurement. On the other hand, climate is defined as the statistical data which gives information about the weather. It describes the weather at a particular place at a particular interval of time in specific terms. In other words, the term climate gives statistical information about the changes in the weather and weather extremes in a locality over a particular period of time.

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