Can You Give One Example Of A Slogan Concerning About Ecosystem?


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There are many slogans that are used to highlight concern about the ecosystem. These slogans are mostly used by green groups and political parties that are more left wing and environmentally focused. These green groups and campaigners use the slogans to raise awareness and advertise the group that they represent. If they increase the amount of members within a group, they are more likely to inform and educate others about the environment and what we, as humans, can do to preserve the earth and try to reverse some of the damage we have already inflicted on it.

These slogans will have been created by advertising agencies who are commissioned to create slogans and advertising solutions for these green groups. The main aim of these is to raise awareness and turn a few heads. Once they have caught the attention of the public, they can begin to inform them of their green campaigns and request funding for their charity work.

Green groups and charities have become quite numerous in recent years and they have become ever more popular as the public have become more educated about the effects that our actions have on the planet and other creatures living within it. Looking to the future and preserving the earth for our children and grandchildren has been one of the key messages of these campaigns. They give away and sell merchandise to publicize the slogans and many people have them in their cars and on their car bumpers if they have greener cars. There are also t-shirts and bags available from many companies to help spread their message.

Some of the slogans frequently used are;
  • Go green
  • Clean city, green city
  • Reuse the past
  • Reuse, recycle
  • Stop global warming

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