Where Is Joey Dunlops Pub?


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Joey Dunlop, known as the King of Road, had a record of 26 Isle of Man TT victories. He won the 24 Ulster Grand prix twenty-four times and north West 200 thirteen times. He passed away on July 2, 2000. He received an Irish State funeral. Joey Dunlop had his railway pub in his hometown of Balleymoney. It is about 40 mile from Belfast. Mourners had assembled outside this pub to offer their respects.

Balleymoney is a small town in Antrim County of the province of Ulster, Northern Ireland. This county is decked in the northeast of Ireland. The Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea surround the county on the north and east. Belfast Lough and River Lagan border the county on the south, Lough Neagh on the southwest and County Londonderry on the west.

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