Where Is The Oldest Pub In Wales?


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The oldest pub in Wales is the Skirrid Mountain Inn. It is situated amidst the picturesque locale of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire. Its proprietor is Heather Grant. Locals are understandably proud of its antiquity and many are more than willing to share a couple of stories about it.

There was, and still is of course, a tiny but busy pub which entertains all those who care to stop in for a drink and exchange some friendly banter. Its patrons can enjoy a nice stiff drink while warming themselves before its huge roaring fire. Its Welsh slate floor and lighted candles do much to enhance the warm cheerful ambience that has become a trademark of this pub.

Interestingly, halfway up the stairs is a small room hidden by a huge oval door where prisoners were held before their trial. The judge's quarters and the courtroom were situated on the second floor. If a prisoner was deemed guilty he would be hung on the sturdy house beam that is directly opposite the bar downstairs.
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Sounds nice, but at the same time it seems a little bit scary that you think some ghost may be around when you drink due to the dead soul of prisoners. I wish one day i can visit it and get drunk so i will not be afraid.
sorry but i think you are wrong as i belive the oldest pub in wales to be the old house in llangynwyd near maesteg which dates from 1154 and is still run as apub
I believe the oldest pub in wales to be the old house in llangynwyd near maesteg which dates from 1154 and is still open
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The angel inn in maudlam is reputed to be of 12th century origions given the nearby location of margam abby and the ruins of the local kenfig castle there is little cause to doubt this. Guess we will nwver know the actual oldest pub . Also the blue anchor in east aberthaw is dated from the 1300's but a lot is now replicated restoration after a devasting fire some several years ago . However you would never know the fire ever happened so good is the restoration. Drinks a bit pricey though.
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The oldest pub in Wales is the Llindir Inn in Henllan. It still has its original thatched roof and is haunted by a lady in white. Definitely worth visiting if you are in north wales.

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