How To Make Sampaguita Cologne with a procedure?


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To make Sampaguita Cologne you will need to follow a moderately difficult procedure. It is best for those who have made such a product before.

  • Sampaguita Cologne

Sampaguita is made from the Sampaguita flowers; therefore, you have to be able to get a hold of these plants and their flowers. The plants are native to the Philippines. They are also used in numerous French perfumes. You may also be able to get your hands on a liquid form of the flower that has already been processed into a fragrance that can then be used for perfume.

  • Making Cologne from the Flower
Put the Sampaguita flower, an orchid flower, and ylang-ylang flower in a saucepan with distilled water. The water should fill the pot about two thirds. Bring the water to a boil on the stove. Once the water boils you can remove the flowers and allow the now fragrant water to cool in a bowl.

After the water has cooled you will need to add a quarter of a cup of vodka with two and a half tablespoons of flower water. You can also add essential oils to the flower scent in order to add to the strength of the fragrance. The cologne should sit for two days or up to one week. It depends on how strong you want it. After it has "stood" for a bit of time you can place it in the bottle of your choice.

  • Perfume Bottles
The bottle you choose should have a strong lid and be glass. It will help to retain the fragrance inside. Glass will also keep from mixing any other scents. Metal can create a metallic issue with the perfume or cologne thus ruining all the hard work. You also want to stay away from plastic.

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