Procedure And Materials On How To Make Dried Papaya Leaves As Mulch For Tomato Plants?


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Dried papaya leaves make an ideal organic mulch, providing warmth and nutrition to the tomato plant below, while also helping to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds and proliferation of diseases, as well as protecting them from soil borne pests.

All that is needed for papaya mulch is the dried leaves of the papaya tree. Unfortunately, papaya grows in a tropical climate so many not be so easy to come by, although the Internet is an incredible resource for obtaining the unobtainable. If you are geographically fortunate to have a tree growing near you then simply harvest it of its leaves and then dry them out.

There are three ways this can be done:

1. Pat dry any moisture on the papaya leaves, hang them up and leave to air in a dark and dry place. This could take several weeks depending on the climate.

2. Place the leaves on a baking tray and heat at around 225 degrees Fahrenheit, monitoring them closely until the moisture has evaporated but before they become brittle or burn.

3. Alternatively zap them in the microwave on a low heat until dry.

Once dry apply the mulch at roughly around two to three inches thick on the soil bed and around the base of the tomato plants. For best results, the mulch should be replenished during the summer once the previous mulch has decomposed. The effect of papaya leaves as mulch is that they bring the soil's pH level to a more neutral range which is the preference of most plants.

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