How Do Extractor Fans Work?


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Extractor fan is an electrical appliance that is used for ventilation of a room or any enclosed space. Generally, they are used in kitchens, bathrooms or any other utility room.

This device extracts moisture from the room and makes the room less humid. It is equipped with such devices that gauge the moisture in the room in which the device is set up. These methods employed make the extractor fans work at their optimum and provide best ventilation. This set up ensures removal of moisture and prevent its condensation.

The heat pipe core and fans are its main components. These are enclosed in an aluminium body which is heat resistant. The blower fan on the inside pulls the hot air to the heat pipe. The working fluid (component of heat pipe core) is vaporized by the heat. This delivers its latent heat of vaporization when it flows towards the outside end of the heat pipe. This heat is given out by the blower fan on the outside of the set up. Thus, this condenses the liquid which moves back to the inside and spreads its coolness.

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