45 Degrees Of Fahrenheit Is Equivalent To How Many Celsius?


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The relationship between temperatures expressed on the Fahrenheit scale and those expressed on the Celsius scale is given by
C = (5/9)(F-32°)

C = (5/9)(45°-32°) = (5/9)*13° = (65/9)° = 7 2/9°
C ≈ 7.2°

45° Fahrenheit is about 7.2° Celsius.
Numerous calculators are available on the Internet for performing this conversion. Here is one.
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It's nice to see you read Wikipedia....I should have too, before I answered with an answer I'd been taught, and apparently wrongly. Thank you for the corrections and my apologies to Florcullen. I disagreed with Flyboy because he didn't give an answer. Just a formula.
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So what is the answer ?
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Temperature in Celsius is a difference of 32 degrees. Celsius considers the freezing point 0 degrees, against Fahrenheit, at 32 degrees. Therefore, the 45 degree temp would be 45 minus 32, which equals 13 Celsius.
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That is incorrect. The difference of fahrenheit to celsius is not linear, therefore, simply adding or subtracting 32 degrees will not yield a correct answer. C= (5/9)(F-32) and F = (C+32)(9/5). Also, substituting one-half for 5/9 or two for 9/5 will give an approximate answer if you're trying to do it in your head.
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I tried to give a simple answer, because we don't know what level of education everyone on this site has. I see you have a bit more than I did in Math, but that doesn't give you the right to be insulting. My answer IS correct.. Even though I came up with it by the old way, I was taught. Did you come up with a different number by doing it your way ? Geez....3 months ago, and your looking for "mistakes" ? What do you do...search every math answer and add your little corrections to them all day?
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Im sorry Midnite113 but the answer is 7.2 degrees Flyboy09 is correct. Unfortunately you only have half of the equation

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