How To Do A Research Project?


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There isn't any hard and fast rule on conducting a research on a project but to proceed in this process step by step, there are some steps that would help you to conduct the research in a better way.

1. In the beginning you should have the statement of the problem or the topic on which the research is based, and then there could be the thing Hypothesis comes in which there are two types NULL HYPOTHESIS and ALTERNATE HYPOTHESIS. Null is the one which is the actual statement of the research and the Alternate is the one when you reject your Null hypothesis. And a brief introduction about the topic

2. You should tell about the methods you used while you were conducting the research. Sampling and population is another step, sampling means taking the sample as the research and a population means the people from whom you are conducting the research.

3. Then comes the results that you observed through the research you can show the pie charts to tell the percentages of answers that people told you. Then comes the discussion part in which you would be telling about the details of your research and cross questions through the audience in front of which you would be presenting.

4. Suggestions and Limitations that you would like to give in the end.

5. Summary, it will give the gist of the previous topics you discussed.

6. References/ bibliography. Appendix.
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A research project involves certain steps. These steps make the process easier and effective. The first step is to identify the topic and develop a hypothesis. Then the next step is finding out the background information on your chosen topic and recording them according to importance. The third step is to use media and books to gather relevant information on the research topic and meet the relevant people to get more information personally.

Catalogue the information to suit your needs and use indexes to find citations in articles. The internet resources should also be put to use. After that assimilate and arrange the information and evaluate your findings. Draw meaningful conclusions based on the research and cite the findings in a standard format that would be legible and easily understood by anybody going through the project.

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