How To Write Scope And Limitation Of A Research Paper?


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  • The scope section
This section of your research paper is the part where you list what you are doing. Basically, all you need to do is outline and list everything that you are doing as part of the research paper.

  • The bounds section
The bound section of your research paper is where you set out all of the boundaries that you will face. You need to explain how far the project will go and where the research will stop. You will also list things, explicitly, that you will not be doing in your project as they are out of the bounds of your project. This section allows readers to understand the real extent of your research paper.

Initially, having the two different sections seems a little redundant, but you must remember that the two sections are really important. By setting out what you are going to do, and what you're not going to do, you are removing ambiguity. By removing ambiguity you can ensure that all of the readers know precisely what to expect from the research project.

During your project you should try and imagine what questions people might have to ask. By doing this you can head them off during your project, providing direct information that would be able to answer these questions outright.

  • Examples
This is an example for a scope: 'In this study, I have gathered some statistics about high school students and their education, who are enrolled in both private and public high schools.

This is an example for bounds: 'I did not, however, study students that are in alternative educational establishments, and those who are in juvenile detention facilities.

For more information on this, talk to your teacher. They will be able to help you no end.
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Set your limitations of the study. Include the things that is to be used and observed in the study. Set your variables.
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As for the scoping, the first thing you must do is a RESEARCH. You need to think over the information you plan to input into your work, facts, theories about the subject of the project.

So, plan the next things please:

  • General purpose
  • Subject matter
  • Topics studied
  • Population or sample
  • Area or locality
  • Time or duration
Limitations are the bounds you can't control, they're put by your curator and are mentioned in the task.
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One of the most critical elements of a research proposal is the Scope of Work. This should provide a full and detailed explanation of the work to be conducted, which typically include project goals, deliverables, and investigator's responsibilities. You can find more info on this resource research paper writing service reviews

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How do I write scope of the study in a research paper?
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Limitation of research paper on behavioral aspects of the
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