Is north always straight toward the top of the Eckert?


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If you a referring to the Eckert IV and VI projections, then yes, north will be situated towards the top of the projection.

This is due to its resemblance to a standard globe or world map that has been stretched somewhat. However the north, east, west and south directions are still standard in their overall positions.

In 1906, Max Eckert designed six pseudo-cylindrical projections. It is said that all six projections have poles and central meridians half the length of the equator. His projections have been widely used in both geography and math and they have even featured in some publications.

According to Colorado University, map projections such as the Eckert IV and VI are:

  • "Attempts to portray the surface of the Earth or a portion of the Earth on a flat surface. Some distortions of conformity, distance, direction, scale, and area always result from this process".
This is why you will view the map as being more curved than it would be if it was 3D or a spherical shape. It is to include all the countries without it being simply flat.

You can view some of Eckert projection designs at the following websites:

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