What Country Is The North Pole In?


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None. It's in international waters, neutral territory.

Canada has the closest land, so would have the greatest claim. But you're still talking hundreds of miles of open seas (well, open in summer, iced up in winter!) to cross from the Canadian mainland to reach the North Pole. Canada has a stronger case for the magnetic (rather than geographic) north pole. The magnetic North Pole fluctuates in position but is usually actually on Canada territory.

So, really, the geographic North Pole is everybody's place to claim. Just like the South Pole, which by international treaties is claimed or not claimed as it were, by everybody (equally).

That said, plenty of countries are eager to claim as much of the Arctic region as possible. Because of mineral and fossil fuel rights and potential reserves. The countries of Iceland, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Finland, USA, Norway and Sweden all border the Arctic sea.
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Why are you so interested to know that do you want to go there?
Well many territory are there like canada denmark greenland etc
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I don't think it's in a country. I'm not sure about it but I thought it was in the continent of Antarctica.
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None at all it is located in an ocean.
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North Pole is not a territory of any countries. The reason why there's nothing lives here is that, North Poles have very high temperatures which are not ideal for human living.. ^^

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