What Are The Caucasian People?


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Are Mexican American considered caucasian?
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The term Caucasian people is used to describe the kind of people who speak native Caucasian languages and live in the region of Caucasus. The people speaking Caucasians languages can be divided into two parts. The first group is called the North Caucasians and the other one is named as the South Caucasians.

North Caucasians include Bats, Chechens and many others while the south Caucasians include Georgians, Svans, Ajarians and few others. In terms of number Georgia is considered as to be the largest nation with approximately 4.6 million of Caucasian population and followed by Chechens and Avars.

Some times the word Caucasians is used for all the people of white race especially in the United States of America, but many scholars have contradicted the theory and this term is not being used anymore for people white race.

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