Why Are Guys So Picky About What Race Girl They Need To Date, What Bout The Girls That Are Mixed Race?


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When you get older you will realize that this only makes it easy to find cool people. The idiots are the ones that are scared. There are sooooooo many people that LOVE mixed girls. There are more that LOVE it than ones that don't.
If you go to college you will see that there are so many good people in the world that don't live a sheltered life and aren't afraid of looking outside the box for fun and love.
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Sadly,our parents are to blame for most of these types of issues,if you grow up black your parents want you to marry black,if you grow up white your parent want you to marry white. Unfortunately color lines run deep and people who cross them generally find life more difficult,and when mixed race children arrive thier lives can be very challenging. I have mixed race nieces and nephews,it saddens me when I see how tough it is for them when both families treat them poorly. Boys and girls are pushed hard to stay with in thier own race. I guess the answer to your question is People can be cruel and petty in thier life attitudes. I am sorry the world is such a petty,judgemental place. Time is the only cure
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Every people are different.. You just haven't seen or meet guys who doesn't care about culture.. Most guys I know don't care of culture but attitude.. I love girls with mixed race.. We see people differently.. Go for people who accepts you for who you are..
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You already know my stand on this. I will date any color. Including yours ;)
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I don't know what it's about, but I'm very attracted to people of mixed race, both guys and girls. I find these people incredibly attractive and hot.

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I always wanted a foreign wife. So when I found out about this site I immediately started looking for marrying a woman from belarus. I have Belarusian family roots, so my parents always wanted me to find a girl from my homeland. I used to think that all these dating sites are a scam, but it turned out to be a big stupidity. It's a great opportunity to find love.

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I actually prefer mixed-race women, over white chicks, for women that I date and have as friends... And I'm a caucasian Man!
Several reasons: I find people from different, or 'other', cultures often have:  Unique personalities, deeper soulfulness, more open-minds, and vividly colorful one-of-a-kind sense of personal style!
Mixed ladies also display a greater range of combined physical features & characteristics, for example, of eye, hair, & skin tone(s)/shade(s)/color(s) --   
to produce some of the worlds most attractive, alluring, interesting, and  beautiful women!!!
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Oh well I'm mexican I've dated a mixed gurl she was half white and half black but her grandmother who is black got me away from her you know she don't like Mexican ppls not all guys are picky I tried gettin with a black gurl and dated white gurls
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Never heard about it. You know I've never had any luck with dating and would love to have any girl no matter what race. But thankfully I started usind dating apps. Maybe you need to try using them? Maybe these top bbw dating sites will come you in handy? I'm sure that you will like some of the options as well.

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For example you have child with someone with skin you don't want your child to have this could mess them up.
This called selective breeding
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Shelby Malone
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Well my mom dated a black man and had me so im mixed now and alot of white guys treat me weird like datin wise and i dont understand it.
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Are you kidding me mixed girls are hot.  You have the best of both worlds and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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