What Are The Different Economic Problems Pakistan Is Facing?


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Pakistan is facing one of the severest downturns of its economy now-a-days.

1. National currency is constantly devaluing

2. The electricity crisis is harming most of its industries, as a result of which exports have been declined drastically

3. The original capacity of producing electricity is greater but effective capacity is much lesser

4. Pakistan is facing lack of resources even in those categories in which it should be self sufficient like Gas crisis

5. Due to instable political conditions of the country a lot of foreign investments have been swayed away of the country and now suffering from lack of proper investments to keep the businesses inflow

6. The current situation is that the Government has to pay money to the many of the local industries which are due and the Government is not in a position of. Like it has has to pay around 20(m) rupees to some Oil producer.
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The above answer is a very complete one. Since this answer was given in 2008, Pakistan has faced further problems. One major problem was the serious flooding in 2010, which had a huge economic as well as human cost. The war in Afghanistan is also costing Pakistan a great deal, as it struggles to contain extremism and Taliban activity, made worse by American military action on Pakistani soil. There should be some improvement in exports this year, as the USA and EU have both pledged to assist Pakistani textile exports.

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