Which Problems Are Pakistan Facing To Consentrate Of His Industry?


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Many problems are caused by the concentration of industry in the Punjab and Sind. As the industry begins to earn profits, the owners invest further in the same areas. The end result is that the wealth is also concentrated in such areas. Industries attract large scale migratory labor. This causes problems of unemployment when the supply exceeds the demand. The huge numbers of migrant workers in the industrial centers face innumerable problems. Social, ethnic, religious, and political tensions arise that are difficult to control. The law and order situation in Karachi and Hyderabad can be traced partly to the overcrowding of the cities with people from different ethnic strains striving to maintain balances.

Since politics is a game only the wealthy play in Pakistan, the end result of the concentration of industries is that political power ultimately rests with the two larger provinces of the Punjab and Sind. The people from NWFP and Balochistan feel deprived of their rights when political power remains confined to a select few. Unfortunately, the political leaders of all provinces foster such rationalistic views which, instead of bringing the people closer, divide them further. Until industry is better spread out, the development of the country as a whole will be hindered.

Industry in today's world can only be successful if it taps into a large market, preferably international. Tough competition exists amongst the manufacturing countries. Pakistan faces a severe credibility problem, as we have no uniform quality control. The ISO 9001 and other such grading are a good beginning to establish Pakistan's image in the world markets.

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