Two of my seven new Italian cypress are turning brown from the bottom up. They were planted three to four weeks ago... How can I tell if they will come back in the spring? How can I help them?


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When the leaves of an Italian Cypress tree thin out or turn brown from the bottom up, this is often a sign that the tree is suffering from stress, or from a lack of water. If there is still a part of your tree that remains green and lush, this is an encouraging sign as it means that the tree should eventually be able to pull through and recover.

You mentioned that your trees were planted only a few weeks ago and this could also be a factor contributing to their having developed brown leaves. Trees that are moved from a container into the soil can often experience what is known as transplant shock, one symptom of which is reduced growth.

TLC for your tree

To help your Italian Cypress recover, you may need to put in a little extra time and effort. One treatment would be to use a good root stimulator, coupled with some evergreen fertilizer: Both of which you should be able to source from any gardening specialist.

Another useful tip would be to take a PVC pipe, drill some holes into it, and plant it alongside the roots. This way you can place a hose directly into the pipe and this will allow you to deep-water the roots directly. With a little extra attention and perseverance, your Italian Cypress should be able to reach heights of up to 60 feet!

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Give them some kind of liquid plant or tree food and if they are short enough cover the bottom of them where the ground is with leaves and cover the whole tree,it sounds like it went into shock when you planted them.they do make shoch treatment for trees and shrubs.go to your local home and garden center they should know were you can buy it if they don't carry it cold where your at if so then do what I said and give them some food and put plenty of leaves on the ground around the bottom of tree.or buy the shock treatment. Goodluck....

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