What Does Bio Hazard Mean?


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Biohazard refers to the biological wastes that are capable of causing diseases and infections to living beings. Thus they are a threat to good health. They are a potential health risk and can damage the environment directly or indirectly. This is due to their pathogenic and contamination. Thus it is a danger posed to humans by a biological organism or by a material produced by such an organism. There are different types of biohazards.

They may be in different forms and affect people in different ways. Pollen grains, chemicals let out of garbage, parasites, viruses, fungi etc. are some of the examples of bio hazards. Biologically active agents like venom, toxins, and allergens are also classified under bio hazards. They may cause diseases like allergies, skin disorders, respiratory problems and several other diseases.
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Dangerous substances such as hospital waste are bio hazardous material

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