How much does a 4kw solar PV unit cost including installation in the UK?


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There are lots of factors which will affect the cost of a solar PV installation, because of variations in roof construction and accessibility (if you're looking at a roof installation) and quality of the panels/inverter.

As a general guide, however, a 4kW system would cost in the region of £18K - £20K and should provide decent generation capability for 25 years or more.
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Solar PV attracts a better FiT (feed-in tariff) rate than wind, but wind is much cheaper (£ per installed kW) than solar. Both types of system have a realistic payback period, so your choice should really be determined by which one is more suitable for your property.
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I'm by no means an expert on this but I have done a little research and the numbers I saw for wind turbines recently were very disappointing - I think you have to live in a fairly windy area, and at a reasonable altitude, with few other buildings nearby and have the appropriate size of wind turbine for it to make any sense at all.
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How much wind you have is definitely a key factor in evaluating wind power! Micro wind turbines can be economical, but only with plenty of non-turbulent wind. Evaluating that effectively is easier said than done.
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An average household in the UK will usually need a 3kW or 4kW solar system installed to produce enough electricity to cover their total energy usage. So let's see what are equipment are required to set up 4 kWh Off Grid Rooftop solar PV System:

No. Of Panels - 16 Nos

Solar Inverter - 4 KW

Batteries - 8 Nos(150 Ah X 12 V)

Space Required - 28 Square Meter

Mounting Structure - GI channels

Capacity of the module - 250 kwp

Wires and Other Miscellaneous equipment.

Buying a solar panel in 2018 means you can save up to 70% on the cost of a solar panel purchased back in 2010. For example, a 4kW solar system in 2010 would have set you back a huge £15,000, but now only costs around £6,000.

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