What Is A Cay?


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Cay is a low lying island composed mainly of sand and corals. Very often, the Caribbean islands are synonymous with the word "cay."

The Florida Keys, an assortment of coral islands and limestone reefs forming the southern edge of Florida and the Great Barrier Reef (the largest coral reef in the world) are also termed as "cays."

The cays are formed over a period of time from the action of tidal waves, wind and the deposit of sea birds. The weather conditions influence the arrangement of cays to a great extent. If there is heavy tidal action, then it would result in the addition of a lot of debris and subsequent cays.

However, anything adverse like a hurricane can totally eradicate a cay. Incidentally Cay was also the name of a female rockband from London which had a short span of popularity from 1998 to 2001.
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A low lying composed mainly of sand and corals.

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