How Long Is The River Nene?


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The river Nene, pronounce as 'nen' or 'nyn', flows through the eastern parts of England originating near Badby, Nasby and Yelvertoft villages situated in western Northamptonshire; the river flows for a total length of 147 km (91 miles) passing through the counties of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire before emptying in to the North Sea.

In its initial stage the Nene flows through agricultural land before passing through urban localities like Northampton and Wellingborough. The river then enters Peterborough followed by the Fenlands, Wisbech and Sutton Bridge before entering the Wash.

The river is an important part of the river navigation system in the eastern part of the UK and serves as a link for the Grand Union Canal to the river Great Ouse; the river is navigable for much of its course by way of several locks constructed at various points. The river was bridged perhaps for the first time in Roman times when the Ermine Street which connected London with Lincoln and York was built.

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