What Does Characteristic Property Mean?


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A characteristic property is a chemical term that assists one to recognise a material. For example, copper is the only element that has a melting point of 1083 degrees Celsius. Also, water is the only household compound that has a density of 0.98g/ml at a given temperature. However, measurements like mass cannot be called as characteristic.

Properties of a physical nature that are characteristic are density, electrical conductivity, melting point etc.

Chemically, properties that are characteristic for some compounds include Limewater, which adopts a cloudy appearance due to the addition of calcium carbonate. Cobalt chloride also changes colour from blue to pink due o reaction with water.

Characteristic properties can differentiate groups of compounds or elements as well. This is called as a group characteristic property. For example, alkali metals are characterised as low melting metals that are soft. Bases are capable of conducting electrical charge and change red litmus paper into blue.
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