How long does it take internal skull fractures to heal? Do they ever heal back together completely?


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I can't say fro sure,but back in August of 86, I was a paratrooper in Vicenza, Italy.  We were conducting an airborne op.  They put us out in 30 knot winds.  We're not supposed to jump over 13 knots.  There were seven broken legs and me.  I fractured my skull just above the base of my skull in the back of my head.  I'm not supposed to be verticle either.  God is merciful, and in my case, He has a sense of humor. I'm glad you're still with us.
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It depends how bad it was fractured
yes they do heal back completely
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5 lg. Internal skull fractures with smaller "starburst" fractures coming from those
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It depends some time it take a very long time and some time it take a short time but some time it don't heal back
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Can there  be long term symptoms of a fractured skull
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Yes! I can say that because I have lived/am living through it. It causes me extremely painful headaches and deep neck ache pains.

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