Why Was Capital Of Pakistan Shifted To Islamabad From Karachi?


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Why must we drag out unnecessary issues i.e shifting of capital to Islamabad?  Why must a slur be made at Punjab without any reason or a cause?   For your info the fellow who decided to shift was not a Punjabi i.e Ayub Khan and the person who chose the location was a persian speaking Pakhtun by the name of General Yahya khan. Know your history and then spit poison.  And last why should it not be there where it is where every Karachi fellow is dying to get a plot and the fellows of your ilk do not want to return from Islamabad?  And was it decided  in any holy testament  that  it has to permenantly stay at Karachi's horrible and sick climate?
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This was the done because the biggest province in Pakistan Punjab did not like the fact that Karachi was the capital as it was not located in the Punjab but in the smaller Sind province.

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