I need a topic for my thesis proposal in information technology...pls help mE?


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When doing a thesis in information technology, it is always best if your work is original and reflects your areas of interest and strengths in the subject. Choosing something original and one which an assessor has never seen before will make you stand out from other students and will add more credibility to your work.

The easy part is choosing to produce an original thesis topic but where do you start in coming up with a focus and title for the project?

• Look at areas of life where information technology has or is playing a important role. Think about industries that have been revolutionized by incorporating information technology systems.

• One area you could focus on is the expansion of information technology in HR departments and within the workplace. You could study the relevance and impact it has had on improving employee/employer communications.

• Look at how it has changed how we socialize and communicate with those around us. Look at the type of impact social media has had on our lives.

• How has social media changed business? Look at how companies are able to interact with the consumer and how advertising is now done online.

• What impact has the growth in information technology had on the environment?

• Why not think about the implications introducing information technology would have in developing countries?

Of course, there are hundreds of topics you could choose to focus on in your thesis. The important thing is that you put to practise the skills and knowledge you have studied or acquired throughout your studies. Make it relevant and personal to you and this will come across to your assessor.
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There are so many topics to choose form which is why we get so
confused to choose from them. Sitting and staring at a blank paper gives us so
many random ideas but I think one needs to be sure in the area she wishes to
work. You can take assistance from secondary data sources which give you new
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