What is the importance of a memo?


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Brenda Harrell Profile
Brenda Harrell answered
A memo is to keep you aware of current events or plans for the future. Take care.
John Profile
John answered
To remind yourself of something,or to remind you to remind someone else of a action or act needing to be done in order to complete a task. Sort of like writing down your passwords or account numbers in case you forget,or maybe phone numbers you don't want everyone to be able to access on your computer or phone. Unless you mean a memo for a business and then it would be to inform the members of a company of a event or action that the company is going to have to perform or to announce a function in the company like a cook out or across the board raises for everyone. : )
Uju Love Profile
Uju Love answered
It contains the rules and regulations of the business
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
To let someone know of something thats happening or whatever reason

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